When My Game Starts 中文版


Dream started in summer of 1997 when I was 10. Thanks to my father’s guide, as an active participant of training courses after classes, I touched several PC games which is still fresh in my memory.

The games were installed in dozens of 486 computers which were set within a round hall built in lotus pool of Wuxi Children’s Palace. Maybe it was original pattern of the famous China Joy but without useless legs or waves fortunately.

During that time PCs run MS-DOS as its operation system. When you input ‘ mario.exe’ after the prompt and then press ‘return’ button, the colorful game Mario Bros. comes. It was really relaxation to operate Uncle Mario to jump up and down, eat mushrooms or throw fire balls.

Besides Nintendos’s Mario Bros. there are two black and white 3d-games make me crazy. They are pioneers at that time crowded by 8-bit 2d-games. Although I never remember the game names I can tell how to play.



3D Tetris

It is common sense that 2D Tetris is a classic in Famicom. The 3D version introduces the following new features:

  • Yes! 3D bricks
    It is the most notable evolution. Although only 1 more brick is added if each brick is still composed of 4 cube unit, the target to eliminate is change from a line to a plane which is a real challenge.
  • Viewport
    The brick never falls from up to bottom, it moves from outer to inner instead. More pressure, more impulse.

    Another directly impression is that there are such more things to calculate in your brain when playing this game.


3D Racing Car

Usually you drive a car in overlook mode within a 2d-game in Famicom. But it is 1st person view in 3D game. There are 3 tracks in front of you, on your left , in the middle and on the right. You operate the car jump from one track to another to avoid crash barriers. Car runs faster and faster, and no one lives forever!


All these two 3D games are simple. No world rules to learn(Even simple game as Mario Bros has world rules like upgrade by eating flowers/ jump on turtles to make them freeze). Everyone can play it directly after first seen. So what make them so fascinating?

I think it is because sense of substitution.

  • Firstly that one more dimension built by 3D game brings us large information entropy. But our brains are more adaptive to it for it’s more real just as we are more familiar to human faces during the long evolution.
  • Secondly 2D is abstract of real word for tech limit. In the process of abstraction informations are compressed. Just image that in most of classic 2D games, we can see all things in one plant map but it is impossible in 3D game because of view port limit. This type of limit restrict information we can get from one screen which makes game difficult.

So, new born of 3D game present our world more naturally, also increment the gameplay by limit the expose speed of information.


A whole new world comes to me in 1997.